EQ 360 Assessment


EQ 360 Assessment

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As part of the core Four or Five Day workshops, participants complete a comprehensive emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI) of their emotional intelligence. They also identify up to 20 people (manager, direct reports, peers, clients, family and friends) who know them well and are willing to complete the same assessment in order to provide valuable feedback. What results is a detailed report of one’s Emotional Intelligence strengths and development needs. This would be for the participant’s eyes only and will provide possible personal items to be explored in one’s small group.


An emotional and social competency is a learned capacity, based on emotional intelligence, which contributes to effective performance at work.

The ESCI (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory) is a coaching and development instrument developed by Hay Group, Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis. The survey assesses the participant’s behaviors according to a number of emotional intelligence competencies. It consists of a self-assessment component and rater-solicited feedback.

The Measurement of Emotional and Social Intelligence

The emotional and social competency inventory (ESCI) is a 3600 Survey designed to assess

12 competencies that differentiate outstanding from average performers. The ESCI measures the demonstration of individuals’ behaviors, through their perceptions and those of their raters, making it distinct from measures of EI that assess ability or personality preferences.

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    The Emotional and Social Intelligence Competency Model

    The 12 competencies cover four distinct areas of ability. The four distinct areas are:

    •  Self-awareness – Recognizing and understanding our own emotions, captured in the competency.
    • Self-management – Effectively managing our own emotions.
    • Social awareness – Recognizing and understanding the emotions of others.
    • Relationship management – Applying our emotional understanding in our dealings with others.