about EQ-HR

EQ-HR Workshops

Our Mission Statement:

The EQ-HR Center mission is to increase the effectiveness of leaders within faith-based communities through experiential development of EQ competencies and HR skills.


Our Workshops will help you:

  1. – Create goals that lead to results
  2. – Practice and build skills
  3. – Connect and sustain relationships
  4. – Gain real experience



Our Workshops are:

  • One-Day Emotional Intelligence Workshops. 

  • One-Day Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Management Workshop.
  • Five-Day Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations Workshop. 
  • Emotional Intelligence and Group Development Workshop. 
  • Emotional Intelligence and Facilitation Skills Workshop. 


Our Coaching Services

Individual and group sessions that continue skill buildingand support the faith leaders success.  


Our 2018 Board of Directors

  • C. Waite Maclin, Chair
  • David Harris, Vice Chair
  • Judy McSween, Secretary
  • Walter Hobgood, Treasurer
  • Maureen Donlevy
  • Carrie Graham
  • David Jones
  • Bill Thomas
  • Robert Wallace